Mastering Retention

Ep. 86: Prioritising & Optimising Your UA Spending

Creating an awesome game is meaningless if it does not attract enough users. Acquiring new users can oftentimes require a bigger marketing budget and a great deal of patience. Not every game studio or game company sees the value in spending money on marketing their game, but it is one of the most successful and efficient ways to increase your daily active users and your games longevity. This week on Mastering Retention, Tom speaks with Angus Lovitt (CEO at Ramp), about optimizing your marketing budget, moving your game through the soft launch phase, and all the “homework” that should be done before making your marketing plans.

Here are your cheat codes:
How did Angus Lovitt get into the video game industry?
The Origins of Ramp and what services they provide.
What was the UA environment like when King Launched Candy Crush?
Finding the optimal marketing budget.
Studio leaders need to do their homework.
Getting out of “Soft Launch Hell”
Validating your game ideas.
The challenges facing UA and how to overcome them.
When a creative has reached its end.

Let’s step up your forecasting game, together.

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