No more missed targets

Built with ease-of-use in mind.

High forecasting accuracy

Connected and kept up to date

Rapidly run complex scenarios

Can be set up within 24-28 hours

Why Ramp?

Accurately forecast users and revenue.

Ramp is a web-based application that increases the speed and accuracy of your forecasting process, based on a method called cohort-based forecasting.

We use the latest data science and ML techniques which are constantly back-tested for accuracy.

Get results in minutes, not weeks.

Our prediction platform uses AI and ML techniques to automate the forecasting process, which will you save time and reduce the chance of human error.

Reporting can be accessed via our web application, your own visualisation system or delivered to you every day via email or Slack.

Answer the “what if”.

We make it easy to create budget scenarios, which are grounded in reality. Ramp platform users can easily tweak forecasts by making changes to core input assumptions.

For example, you can assume future improvements to your product or service based on your roadmap.

Optimise your marketing spend.

Ramp is the world’s first tool to connect marketing spend to top line revenue impact. We simulate both the diminishing returns of increased marketing spend and decreasing quality that typically results.

Find the CPA you can afford.

Our platform has eliminated millions in wasteful marketing dollars and, just as importantly, corrected underspend.

Ramp calculates the CPA you can afford for highly granular customer segments and can push these targets to media buyers.

Predict ROAS and payback period.

Ramp gives finance and marketing teams visibility of the predicted ROAS, as well as the forecasted payback time in months.

Expert players in mobile gaming.

With decades of experience in the industry combined with a powerful prediction platform, we know what it takes to get your mobile game to AAA status.

What they're saying

"Angus is the person that led top line forecasting at King and helped turn Candy Crush into a $2bn a year business. Today I turn to Ramp to help with forecasting target company's top-line revenue.”

- Stephane Kurgan, ex-COO at King, Partner at Index Ventures

"Insights from Ramp gave us the confidence to significantly scale our UA budgets.”

- Chris Benjaminson, Co-Founder and Director of Channel at FRVR

“We immediately saw the benefit of receiving sophisticated forecasts in minutes so we are deploying Ramp on new and existing titles.”

- Hong Nguyen, CFO at Space Ape Games

Our recipe for reliability.

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