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How big could your target investment become?

Our robust forecasting helps to justify valuation and de-risk investments, and we do it for some of the most respected VC firms on the planet.

Investment Due Diligence-1

Questions we answer with a high level of accuracy

  • Will growth continue and for how long?
  • What happens if they improve monetisation?
  • What happens if they invest more in marketing?
  • How many new users can they hope to acquire?
  • How much capital for marketing will they need?

How we work with you

  • We engage the target investment and get granular cohort and marketing data
  • We evaluate current and potential marketing efficacy to feed the model
  • We rapidly run scenarios through our proprietary forecasting platform
  • We provide first pass forecast and interrogate input assumptions together with you
  • We submit final forecasting with commentary as well as excel output for your financial model

Ideally, this process takes 2 weeks but we have managed faster turnarounds in competitive processes.

We analyse a wide range of consumer investments


Mobile Gaming






Our modelling is suitable when; customer relationships are not contractual;  where there is a reasonable level of repeat transactions and reasonable timeframes between transactions; or when business trades online.

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